We know you don’t love the dentist

But we think you will love Dental Elements.
Yes we have great dentists and state of the art technology, but that’s not what is most important. Seeing you smile is what drives us.

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Dental Elements


I know no one likes the dentist, but Dental Elements makes it a better experience than I’ve ever had.

Cassidy — Shawnee Patient

Wow! Who thought going to the dentist with your two year old could be fun?! The team in Leawood were awesome.

Meghan — Leawood Patient

I hate going to the dentist but it was the best experience I have ever had at the dentist. Would definitely recommend.

Shelly — Shawnee Patient

Dentist Locations

Shawnee Dentist

Leawood Dentist



Family Outdoors in Kansas

Freedom Plan

Dental Membership

A dental plan created for you

Our Freedom Plan.
Dental care membership clubs are the future of dentistry, and we have put together a state of the art plan with you in mind.

Our Dental Services


Invisalign is able to create a series clear trays to move your teeth and your smile to the best version of you.

Dental Crowns

Our team is capable of completing veneers, crowns, and in certain cases, smile rejuvenation in a single visit.

Dental Implants

With implants we have the ability to repair, refresh, and restore even the most challenging situations.

Whitening Options

We offer different options to achieve achieve a sparkling smile depending on your desired results and lifestyle.

Anxiety Reducing

Who needs more stress? We will do everything possible to make sure you visit is as anxiety free as possible.

Smile Rejuvination

We are able to shape and mold almost all aspects of your smile to make sure you can smile with confidence.

Best adult dentist

Best of Johnson County 2023
This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional dental care and fostering a positive patient experience. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Shawnee community for this prestigious acknowledgment.

Best Dentist in Johnson County

I’ve been a patient at Dental Elements for over 3 years and have always had a great experience with Dr. Meggison and his staff. He is up to date on the latest dental technology and I always feel comfortable during my visits.


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