Does the dentist take continuing education courses and stay up to date with the latest techniques?2019-06-20T17:50:10+00:00

One of our core values at Dental Elements is personal and professional growth. All of our team members take continuing education classes regularly to stay up to date on current trends and techniques.

What kind of dental technology does the dentist use?2021-11-22T01:50:04+00:00

At Dental Elements we take pride in staying up to date with advances in dental technology.  At the Shawnee location we have a laser available to use.  If a patient is a good candidate, we are often able to restore teeth without giving an injection. Our patients love this option. We also have digital scanners at our Shawnee and Leawood locations.  Digital scans are used to make crowns, to monitor moving teeth, to provide data for Clear Aligner Therapy, and to evaluate tooth wear and grinding.  Scans can be used in place of impressions in most cases.

Does the dentist see children as well as adults?2019-06-20T17:50:11+00:00

We are a family dental practice and see both children and adults.

Is the dentist accepting new patients?2021-11-22T01:52:32+00:00

All 4 of our locations are accepting new patients. Contact us for more information.

How much is a filling, crown or extraction?2021-11-22T01:53:31+00:00

It is very difficult to give a quote over the phone for any type of dental treatment. There are usually several options for treating a dental problem, and the doctor will need to evaluate the tooth prior to determining the best option. Sometimes a diagnosis will also include a fee for the examination, x-rays and additional diagnostic testing. Sometimes a patient thinks they just need a crown and the tooth requires a root canal prior to placing the crown. Likewise, there are several types and degree of difficulty of tooth extractions. At Dental Elements we do try to do the most conservative and least costly treatment for our patients as well as treatment that will last for a long time. We would be happy to see you at any of our locations for an examination and quote for dental treatment.

How long does the first appointment last?2019-06-20T17:50:11+00:00

If you are seeing the hygienist the new patient appointment usually takes about 90 minutes. At that visit the hygienist will do a comprehensive examination, take any x-rays that are needed, clean your teeth if you need a routine cleaning, give home care instructions and discuss any treatment that is needed. This is a “get to know you appointment” and lasts longer than a regular cleaning appointment which is 60 minutes long. If you are scheduled for an emergency examination with the doctor, this usually takes about 60 minutes and maybe longer if treatment is completed on the same day.

Why Dental Elements?2021-11-22T01:56:31+00:00

There is no better dentist or dental office environment than what you will find with Dr. Meggison, and his team at Dental Elements.

Through multiple office locations and a network of professionals, we are able to meet the needs of patients in a way that most other family practices cannot. With advanced technology, affordability, and access to care, as well as our commitment to giving back to the community, Dental Elements continues to be the best choice when seeking out dental care in the Shawnee, Leawood, Wellsville and Grandview areas.

Our doctors have started using laser technology to complete many of the restorative procedures at the Shawnee office. They are able to do fillings often without having to anesthetize the patient.

Our commitment to improving lives shines through our one-of-a-kind all inclusive membership plan. We have guided hundreds of patients through what seemed like impossible and unaffordable journeys to a happier and healthier smile through the Freedom Plan. Designed by Dr. Meggison, this plan helps to take away any and all barriers that normally prevent people from getting the care they need.

Dr. Meggison and the team at Dental Elements believes that it is important to give back to the communities in which we serve. This past year, Dental Elements has been a sponsor at both the Leawood Chamber “At The Tee” Golf Tournament and Shawnee Chamber Golf Tournament as well as sponsoring events at Ray Marsh Elementary, St. Joseph Elementary, National Orange Popsicle Week, and The Shawnee Barbeque. The staff at Shawnee participates in Adopt A Spot, and Dental Elements was also the main sponsor of “Wellsville Days 2021”.

At Dental Elements, we value patient relationships and from the moment you walk through the door, your care is our priority.

I have a question about my bill, who do I contact?2020-09-12T20:31:25+00:00

Call any of our Dental Elements locations and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your bill. If we can’t answer right away we will get you in contact with our Financial Coordinator. Contact us HERE.

What are your payment options?2019-06-20T17:50:12+00:00

We accept checks, cash or credit cards. We also offer a flexible payment plan.

CareCredit- gives you flexibility and convenience when managing your family’s out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.  For more information please visit – www.carecredit.com 

Does the office accept dental insurance?2019-06-20T17:50:12+00:00

Our goal is to help you get the treatment you need. We understand your financial concerns and try to give you several options for paying for your dental care. Dental Elements accepts most PPO dental insurance plans. We also have an in-house membership plan called the Freedom Plan that is available to patients. Dental Elements also accepts Care Credit.

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