The Dental Elements Freedom Plan, What’s in it for us?

We have had a lot of questions about the Dental Elements Freedom Plan, why it was developed, and what’s in it for us? 

Basically, Dr. Meggison developed the plan because he was tired of treating patients based on their insurance coverage or lack of coverage.  Patients weren’t able to get the treatment that they needed to make them healthy because of the high costs involved.  Patients needed treatment, but their insurance was maxed or their budget was blown, the co-pays were too high, there was a high deductible that they couldn’t afford, or the insurance didn’t cover a very needed procedure. So, patients just weren’t getting the treatment that they needed, when they needed it.  

So what’s in it for us?  We get to spend more quality time with you, our patients, to help you reach your dental health goals.  Instead of just treating problems, we have the freedom to do the procedures necessary to help you prevent new problems from occurring.  And if you do have problems, we phase your treatment so that you get the best outcomes.  We get to practice dentistry just like we were taught in school, which is best for you.  We get to focus on the ideal treatment, prevention of disease, and maintenance of health.  

What’s in it for you?  This translates to better dental health for you as you work directly with your hygienist and dentist, and not your insurance company to reach your goals. And this means a better treatment outcome, since we get to do exactly what is necessary to have success when we do treat you.  You are a priority to us and you will feel like one! 

Check out this video to learn more about the Freedom Plan:

And if you haven’t joined our Freedom Plan yet, contact us here:  

You’ll be glad you did!

Direct Primary Care Medicine

Do you long for the good old days when you actually had a relationship with your medical doctor?  


Are you tired of waiting for over an hour to eventually be seen for 10 minutes? When you talk to your physician, does he/she ever look up from the computer screen?  Unfortunately, because of the high cost of medical insurance and the inefficient systems that come with it, this seems to be the new normal.

Some physicians refuse to accept that this is the only way to practice, so they invented Direct Primary Care.

It is good old fashioned medicine with all the modern bells and whistles.  It is the medical equivalent of our Dental Elements Freedom Plan.


Direct Primary Care is becoming more common as consumers have gotten more and more frustrated by traditional medical care and the costs associated with it.  It has significant benefits over traditional medical practice. There’s unlimited access to your doctor whether it is after hours, weekends, or holidays. There is full access to the medical team via technology.  You can literally email your doctor, text, or use a webcam to communicate with them. Your visits won’t feel rushed, they can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and there’s plenty of time for questions. You are a priority and you will feel like one.  This translates to better health as you work directly with your medical doctor, not your insurance company to reach your health goals.


There are a handful of direct primary care practices in the Kansas City area.  Dental Elements had the opportunity to meet with the doctors from Health Suite 110.  They are a group of independent primary care physicians who have joined the insurance-free DPC movement.  Check them out at, and see what direct primary care has to offer.


And if you like the idea of health care without the insurance hassle, check out our equivalent of direct primary care, the Dental Elements Freedom Plan.  


Ahhhh Summer!  We all look forward to it every year.  Vacations, kids home from school, barbecues, and trips to the pool.  

But summer means more activity, and sometimes that means “Oh no, I just broke my tooth!”

One of the most common summer dental emergencies happens at the pool.  Little Suzy wants to show you the triple flip she’s been working on all summer long, and she jumps in and smacks her face on the side or the bottom of the pool.  

Now her front tooth is fractured, her face and lip are cut and she is howling like a banshee.  So much for your relaxing day at the pool!

The first thing of course is to make sure that she is OK.  Check for a concussion. If you suspect a concussion or if the lip or face is deeply cut, apply pressure and ice and get to the emergency room ASAP.  Of course, if the emergency looks life threatening call 911.

If the tooth is slightly chipped, address the more pressing issues first, like the bleeding face.  A slightly chipped tooth can be repaired in our office on the next business day.

When a tooth is fractured and not bleeding, but sharp, go to the drugstore and get some dental wax to cover it until you can get to our office for repair.  If it is painful, give Ibuprofen or Tylenol, whatever your pediatrician recommends.

Broken and bleeding teeth need more urgent care.  Apply pressure with wet cotton or gauze, a wet tea bag, or a wet paper towel if that is all that is available. Go to the emergency room if needed, then call our Emergency Line.

If the tooth has been completely knocked out, try to find the lost tooth.  Pick it up by the crown, not the root, and gently rinse the tooth with warm water.  Call our Emergency Line as soon as possible. If you can, place the tooth in a glass and cover it with milk, salt water (1 cup water to ¼ tsp salt) or plain water if that is all you have available.  Our goal is to get the tooth back in the socket as soon as possible, as this gives us the best chance to save the tooth.

We hope that your summer is accident free, and that little Suzy perfects that triple flip, but just in case it is an epic fail, we’re here to help!


Contact us today, we’re here if you need us!

Charcoal Whitening, Is It A Good Idea?

We have received a lot of questions from our patients about Activated Charcoal Whitening.  Does it work? Is it safe? How do you do it?  We can help you decide if it is a good idea or not.  


There are two ways that patients can achieve whiter teeth:


The first way uses a bleaching agent such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in concentrations of 10-35%.  The material breaks down certain stains inside the tooth to reduce their color. Dental office whitening trays and strips purchased at the drug store use this method. Studies have shown that this method works well without any damage to the tooth.


The second way uses an abrasive, chemical, or polishing agent that removes surface stains.  Whitening toothpastes, baking soda and activated charcoal are examples. At this time, the American Dental Association has not recognized any formal evidence that activated charcoal actually whitens teeth.  


Activated charcoal is a finely milled black powder made from charred plant shells, bones, fruit pits, and an assortment of other organic materials.  The theory is that since it is used to absorb toxins from the body when someone ingests something harmful, then it may have the ability to bind to and absorb plaque and other surface compounds that stain teeth.  Activated charcoal does not change the color of teeth that are deeply stained or naturally yellowing.  The activated charcoal is also abrasive and the hope is that it may scrub off the surface stains.

Therein lies the problem with activated charcoal whitening.  It can be abrasive to the tooth enamel. Excess abrasion can cause gum recession, enamel loss, and sensitivity of the tooth.  


If you want to try charcoal whitening, activated charcoal can be purchased from health food stores and pharmacies in the form of capsules. Mix one capsule with 1 mL of water and make a paste.  We suggest that you consider smearing the product on your teeth instead of brushing it on. This allows the product to work without harming your enamel.  After about 4 minutes rinse your mouth. You may need to rinse several times. You can try this for several days. If you don’t see a difference in the color of the tooth after 5 attempts, then it probably won’t work for you.  


Although anyone can purchase activated charcoal powder, you should consult a dental professional before using it. The best way to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth white is to continue regular dental appointments.  At Dental Elements our hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth, remove any surface stains, and discuss whether our professional whitening process, or an over the counter product would be best to whiten your teeth. He or she can also help you get to the bottom of why your teeth are staining.  


Contact us today, we’re here to help you have whiter teeth!  


Obesity and Dental Health

Did you know that obesity contributes to poor dental health?  Studies show that obese individuals make poor diet choices, snack more frequently and have irregular home care.  They have more gum disease and tooth decay, and more missing teeth overall.   Because they tend to have fewer dental visits, they have more dental emergencies.  Obesity contributes to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, respiratory problems, acid re flux and cancers.  Therefore, obese individuals need to take more prescription medications which can cause dry mouth, and dry mouth contributes to dental decay.   Poor diet choices and belly fat can contribute to acid re flux which makes the mouth more acidic.  These mouth acids can melt away tooth enamel.  Individuals with a higher body mass have more insulin resistance and produce more inflammatory proteins, which contributes to gum disease.  


At Dental Elements we believe in total body health, and we know that good nutrition helps people lose weight, making it less likely that you will have dental problems. So we want to help you understand by offering nutrition education.  Dental Elements is partnering with Giordono Family Health and Fitness to provide wellness classes that assist families with adding better nutrition and basic fitness to their lifestyle.  Anthony Giordono, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Food Guru, has teamed up with us and will be facilitating these classes. 

Meet Coach Anthony in this short video:

Meet Coach Anthony


The first class is “Nutrition and Fitness for the Busy Family ~ 10 Weeks to Re-shaping the way you Eat, Move, and Live.”  This course is going to change the way you perceive food and diet. You will learn the fundamental skills to eating healthy, come to know what foods work for you, and discover skills you never knew you had. During this course you will be provided lessons, asked to do real life application, and through it grow to love food for all the good it brings you and your family! This course is not a meal plan, or a specific diet. It is a road to defining your own “EATING STYLE” so you never have to diet again!


We invite you to join us starting in February, 2018.  Discounts on class fees will be given to new patients, patients who join our VIP program, and patients who refer friends and family to Dental Elements.  Contact any of our scheduling coordinators for details. 

Class size is limited, so sign up today!