The Dental Elements Freedom Plan, What’s in it for us?

We have had a lot of questions about the Dental Elements Freedom Plan, why it was developed, and what’s in it for us? 

Basically, Dr. Meggison developed the plan because he was tired of treating patients based on their insurance coverage or lack of coverage.  Patients weren’t able to get the treatment that they needed to make them healthy because of the high costs involved.  Patients needed treatment, but their insurance was maxed or their budget was blown, the co-pays were too high, there was a high deductible that they couldn’t afford, or the insurance didn’t cover a very needed procedure. So, patients just weren’t getting the treatment that they needed, when they needed it.  

So what’s in it for us?  We get to spend more quality time with you, our patients, to help you reach your dental health goals.  Instead of just treating problems, we have the freedom to do the procedures necessary to help you prevent new problems from occurring.  And if you do have problems, we phase your treatment so that you get the best outcomes.  We get to practice dentistry just like we were taught in school, which is best for you.  We get to focus on the ideal treatment, prevention of disease, and maintenance of health.  

What’s in it for you?  This translates to better dental health for you as you work directly with your hygienist and dentist, and not your insurance company to reach your goals. And this means a better treatment outcome, since we get to do exactly what is necessary to have success when we do treat you.  You are a priority to us and you will feel like one! 

Check out this video to learn more about the Freedom Plan:

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You’ll be glad you did!