Direct Primary Care Medicine

Do you long for the good old days when you actually had a relationship with your medical doctor?  


Are you tired of waiting for over an hour to eventually be seen for 10 minutes? When you talk to your physician, does he/she ever look up from the computer screen?  Unfortunately, because of the high cost of medical insurance and the inefficient systems that come with it, this seems to be the new normal.

Some physicians refuse to accept that this is the only way to practice, so they invented Direct Primary Care.

It is good old fashioned medicine with all the modern bells and whistles.  It is the medical equivalent of our Dental Elements Freedom Plan.


Direct Primary Care is becoming more common as consumers have gotten more and more frustrated by traditional medical care and the costs associated with it.  It has significant benefits over traditional medical practice. There’s unlimited access to your doctor whether it is after hours, weekends, or holidays. There is full access to the medical team via technology.  You can literally email your doctor, text, or use a webcam to communicate with them. Your visits won’t feel rushed, they can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and there’s plenty of time for questions. You are a priority and you will feel like one.  This translates to better health as you work directly with your medical doctor, not your insurance company to reach your health goals.


There are a handful of direct primary care practices in the Kansas City area.  Dental Elements had the opportunity to meet with the doctors from Health Suite 110.  They are a group of independent primary care physicians who have joined the insurance-free DPC movement.  Check them out at, and see what direct primary care has to offer.


And if you like the idea of health care without the insurance hassle, check out our equivalent of direct primary care, the Dental Elements Freedom Plan.