Ahhhh Summer!  We all look forward to it every year.  Vacations, kids home from school, barbecues, and trips to the pool.  

But summer means more activity, and sometimes that means “Oh no, I just broke my tooth!”

One of the most common summer dental emergencies happens at the pool.  Little Suzy wants to show you the triple flip she’s been working on all summer long, and she jumps in and smacks her face on the side or the bottom of the pool.  

Now her front tooth is fractured, her face and lip are cut and she is howling like a banshee.  So much for your relaxing day at the pool!

The first thing of course is to make sure that she is OK.  Check for a concussion. If you suspect a concussion or if the lip or face is deeply cut, apply pressure and ice and get to the emergency room ASAP.  Of course, if the emergency looks life threatening call 911.

If the tooth is slightly chipped, address the more pressing issues first, like the bleeding face.  A slightly chipped tooth can be repaired in our office on the next business day.

When a tooth is fractured and not bleeding, but sharp, go to the drugstore and get some dental wax to cover it until you can get to our office for repair.  If it is painful, give Ibuprofen or Tylenol, whatever your pediatrician recommends.

Broken and bleeding teeth need more urgent care.  Apply pressure with wet cotton or gauze, a wet tea bag, or a wet paper towel if that is all that is available. Go to the emergency room if needed, then call our Emergency Line.

If the tooth has been completely knocked out, try to find the lost tooth.  Pick it up by the crown, not the root, and gently rinse the tooth with warm water.  Call our Emergency Line as soon as possible. If you can, place the tooth in a glass and cover it with milk, salt water (1 cup water to ¼ tsp salt) or plain water if that is all you have available.  Our goal is to get the tooth back in the socket as soon as possible, as this gives us the best chance to save the tooth.

We hope that your summer is accident free, and that little Suzy perfects that triple flip, but just in case it is an epic fail, we’re here to help!


Contact us today, we’re here if you need us!