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Obesity and Dental Health

Did you know that obesity contributes to poor dental health?  Studies show that obese individuals make poor diet choices, snack more frequently and have irregular home care.  They have more gum disease and tooth decay, and more missing teeth overall.   Because they tend to have fewer dental visits, they have more dental emergencies.  Obesity contributes to […]

Dental Elements VIP Plan

You Don’t Need Dental Insurance To Have a Beautiful Smile! Have you ever noticed that dental problems come at the worst possible time?   The weekend, the holidays, after you just put new tires on your car, is there ever a good time? Have you ever put off dental care because you just couldn’t afford it? […]

Our Teams Thanksgiving Traditions

THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS COME in all shapes and sizes. From the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to breaking the wishbone to getting together with those wacky yet lovable relatives, traditions vary from family to family, and that includes the families of our practice’s team members!  Unusual Thanksgiving Traditions Pam:  My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is getting up before everyone […]

The Daily Grind of Bruxism

The Daily Grind Of Bruxism MOST PEOPLE GRIND OR CLENCH their teeth briefly when annoyed or in a tense situation. That level of teeth-grinding isn’t really something to worry about. It’s when you do it far more frequently, often without even realizing it (you might even do it in your sleep!), that it can potentially […]